Captain Laurance Ottley

Captain Laurance has professional seafaring in the blood, his Grandfather had a long and distinguished career as a Master Mariner started in the days when seaman apprentices went to sea in the last merchant sailing ships to learn the trade the hard way. Though the sailor’s gene skipped a generation with his own father, the inspiring the tales of adventure in the far east and on the high seas were duly passed on to the young Laurance, who, resolved to learn how to sail his own way, fixed up and old dinghy, took a teach yourself sailing book from his father’s bookshelf and set forth, with at that time, enthusiasm far outweighing competence.

After then spending his 20’s sailing anything and everything he could persuade owners and skippers to let him try, offshore and ocean cruising and racing, square riggers, Baltic traders, sailing barges, he found himself at age 32, now holding his own commercial Master’s ticket for yachts and sail training vessels, in command of an old wooden sailing ship converted for use in the yacht charter trade. 20 years later and in continuous employment as a charter Captain Laurance, has exchanged the tarred hemp ropes of that first beloved command for modern purpose-built yachts. Those years have not dulled his enthusiasm for leading charter clients on their own sailing adventures all over the Caribbean and western Mediterranean whilst ensuring the same standards of service and crew competence the industry was founded on are delivered each time a new group of client’s step aboard SY Ree, no exceptions.