Captain Laurance has professional seafaring in the blood, his Grandfather had a long and distinguished career as a Master Mariner started in the days when seaman apprentices went to sea in the last merchant sailing ships to learn the trade the hard way. Though the sailor’s gene skipped a generation with his own father, the inspiring the tales of adventure in the far east and on the high seas were duly passed on to the young Laurance, who, resolved to learn how to sail his own way, fixed up and old dinghy, took a teach yourself sailing book from his father’s bookshelf and set forth, with at that time, enthusiasm far outweighing competence.

After then spending his 20’s sailing anything and everything he could persuade owners and skippers to let him try, offshore and ocean cruising and racing, square riggers, Baltic traders, sailing barges, he found himself at age 32, now holding his own commercial Master’s ticket for yachts and sail training vessels, in command of an old wooden sailing ship converted for use in the yacht charter trade. 20 years later and in continuous employment as a charter Captain Laurance, has exchanged the tarred hemp ropes of that first beloved command for modern purpose-built yachts. Those years have not dulled his enthusiasm for leading charter clients on their own sailing adventures all over the Caribbean and western Mediterranean whilst ensuring the same standards of service and crew competence the industry was founded on are delivered each time a new group of client’s step aboard SY Ree, no exceptions.

Our easy-going Aussie Mate, Soren, hailing from the sailing paradise of the Whitsunday’s in Australia’s tropical Queensland has been involved with watersports since he was old enough to walk. After serving a full apprenticeship with the family carpentry/joinery firm specialized in bespoke houses for the well-heeled, he took to the road with his perfect skillset for yachting. His competence will inspire your confidence and his quick and dry down-under wit will keep you smiling.

Born in Germany but raised in Namibia from her teens, its fair to say Kati has lived a very full life. Her service skills where honed during her years looking after high end safari Park guests. When the time came to leave Africa and explore the rest of the world it was her athleticism that paid the bills after she entered to movie industry as a stuntwoman. Credited with dozens of Hollywood productions this career lead to a second one as personal trainer and dietary adviser. A relative newcomer to professional yachting this move has nevertheless been taken in her stride with an impressive sailing CV already accumulated in a few short years. A safe pair of hands for sure.

We welcome Ben into the fold as man on the same mission as ourselves: proactively helping to improve the husbandry of our planet earth. Far from us having to goad him towards more sustainable methods of providing sustenance for crew and guests alike he's already well ahead of the game and we hope will help us take the next steps in our search for greener yachting experience. As for his culinary ability Ben has largely developed his training and skills over the last  seven years as an itinerant Chef travelling and working to absorb as much of his craft as possible first hand with local ingredients and local people. His competence, from the perfect American breakfast to the most up to date formal dining in a wide range of international styles, will not disappoint.

Though Ben’s parents are Brits - he was transported as a small child from the UK to the US – California is his adopted home and where the American flair for unflappable service seems to have rubbed off.

Ever met a New Zealander you didn't like? We haven’t either. In Joe's case, he combines the usual Kiwi likability with supreme mechanical, electrical, IT ability. In fact, Joe could build you a house from the ground up, being a qualified carpenter and builder. But he's not all brawn either, he has a degree in Applied Physics and Psychology and spent two years helping to keep the Royal New Zealand Air force's planes running as a ground engineer. He has also spent much time in a very wide variety of water-craft, up until now, only the motorized sort, well you can’t have everything.

27 year old South African Melissa is firmly an outdoor girl, a competitive horse rider from her youth she has more recently traded the turf for the surf by including scuba, Kitesurfing, and sailing amongst her passions. After graduating with a degree in History, politics and marketing nothing as mundane as settling down to an office job would do when the world was waiting to be explored. An easy learner, Mel has collected all the skills needed to find work along the way including high level service training, which combined with her naturally happy disposition and self-confidence makes her a real asset to the Ree team.

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